The last 36 hours have been head-spinning. Every time I’ve sat down to write this email, there's a new headline: President Trump called for a “bill of love” for immigrant youth; a California court blocked the termination of DACA; and right-wing Republicans released a new bill that is a complete non-starter intended to sabotage any efforts to protect Dreamers. Read below for more information. 

Undoubtedly, over the next week there will be more developments and distractions, but here is the bottom line: Congress needs to pass the Dream Act by January 19th.


There is no excuse for Congress not to act now. 86% of Americans recognize immigrant youth are #HereToStay. By the end of January, nearly 18,000 individuals across the country will have already lost their DACA. Immigrant youth can't wait. 

e have one week before Congress has to make a decision on the federal spending package that will keep the government funded past January 19th. The future of immigrant youth can't be held hostage to endless "immigration reform" talks. We need members of Congress to demand that the Dream Act be included in the January 19th spending deal. And we need you to help us get across the finish line.

Tomorrow is a national call-in day for the Dream Act. Will you urge Senators Alexander and Corker to include the Dream Act in any spending deal?

White House Holds Bipartisan Talks on DACA

This week, Trump met with a bipartisan group of legislators to talk about the future of immigrant youth. At the meeting, Trump said that the solution should be a “bill of love” . But white supremacists in Congress and the White House are trying to spin his comments and sabotage all efforts to pass the Dream Act. There is already a bill of love, it's called the Dream Act. 

Extreme Anti-Immigrant Bill Introduced to Derail DACA Talks

In the midst of serious and advancing, negotiations to fix DACA as part of the spending deal a few right wing Republicans released a bill that  seems designed to sabotage the actual deal. They are demanding passage of large parts of their hardline agenda, like increased immigration enforcement, cuts to legal immigration, and building the border wall in exchange for protections for immigrant youth. This bill is a non-starter. 

California Court Order Temporarily Blocks Termination of DACA

On Tuesday night, a California judge partially blocked the Trump administration from ending DACA. While the court order is temporary and the Trump administration will likely appeal, the decision is a victory of immigrant youth who’ve been organizing a powerful movement and bringing this crisis to the national attention. The majority of Congress, the public, and now the courts agree: immigrant youth are here to stay. Now it's time for Congress to act by passing a permanent solution through the Dream Act.

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