This. Is. It. 
In 3 days, the Republican-controlled Congress must pass a spending deal to keep the government open. For months, our movement has demanded that protections for immigrant youth be included in this “must pass” bill.

This should be an easy decision for Congress. Poll after poll has consistently shown that the vast majority of the American people want a legislative solution to restore protections for immigrant youth. But anti-immigrant extremists in Congress and the White House are working hard to derail bipartisan efforts.

Earlier last week, Trump expressed support for a bipartisan solution for Dreamers, calling on the negotiators to produce a “bill of love.” But since then, nativist White House aide Stephen Miller, Chief of Staff John Kelly, and extreme right-wing legislators like Congressman Goodlatte (R-VA) and Senator Cotton (R-AK), have pulled Trump back to the right in order to blow up the only bipartisan Senate deal on the table. On Thursday, during the presentation of the bipartisan proposal, Trump made repugnant and racist comments about immigrants from El Salvador, Haiti, and the African continent.

Senators Graham (R-SC) and Durbin (D-IL) are continuing their work to build support for a deal in the Senate, and today a bipartisan bill was introduced in the House. While extreme right wing legislators try to derail a deal, it’s clear there is still momentum for the breakthrough we need in Congress this week.

Will Senators Alexander and Corker side with the American people or a fringe group of extremists led by Stephen Miller?


For months, we’ve been visiting the offices of Senators Alexander and Corker asking them to step up and demand a solution for 8,400+ Tennesseans. This week, we’ve ramped up the pressure. Youth in Nashville marched the Nashville home of Senator Alexander, asking that he be a #DreamAct Champion, and today youth conducted sit-ins in the D.C. offices of both Tennessee senators. Tomorrow, immigrant youth from Tennessee will be joining their peers from across the country in D.C. and urging Congress to act now.

We're doing everything we can to pass the Dream Act by Friday, but we need your help:

  1. Call Senators Alexander and Corker: Dial 1-866-971-9623 to get connected and demand they pass a Dream Act by Friday. 
  2. Follow us on social media for the latest updates: Things are moving quickly and the next 3 days will be no exception. Be sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook for the latest information and how to take action.
  3. Donate: Your support fuels powerful immigrant organizing and policy advocacy. We can't do it without you - make a donation to TIRRC today.

In the News:

USCIS Begins Accepting DACA Renewals; Feds Announce Appeal
Because of the temporary court ruling last week, USCIS is now accepting applications for DACA renewals. Here is more information about who is eligible. If you qualify, consider applying NOW. The federal government has announced its intention to file an appeal and the window for renewals could close very quickly.  Check out our Facebook page for more resources or call us at 615-414-1030 for more information. See below for more information. 

Response to Trump's Racist Remarks
While Trump's rhetoric shocked the nation, it confirmed what we already knew: white supremacy is driving the administration’s immigration policy. For more on the infamous White House meeting read this in-depth Washington Post story. From ending TPS and DACA, keeping refugees and Muslims out of our country, and mass deportations, the administration is working to drive out and keep out immigrants of color. Members of Congress must denounce Trump’s hateful words and stand up to him by passing the Dream Act, saving TPS, and challenging his executive orders. We applaud Congressman Cohen (D-Memphis) and Congressman Cooper’s (D-Nashville) strong rebuke of Trump’s comments, but the rest of our delegation has a choice to make: either side with Trump's racist agenda or protect immigrant communities now.

For more read WPLN’s story: Tennessee Democrats Condemn Trump's Questioning Of Black Immigrants; Republicans Silent.

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