In the face of mass deportations, we've developed a robust set of services and trainings to help our members prepare to defend their rights, take care of their families, and protect their communities. 

If you are an attorney, especially an immigration or family law attorney, who is interested in volunteering, please contact Camila at

Know Your Rights

We conduct community education presentations across the state to prepare immigrants for potential encounters with local law enforcement and federal immigration enforcement agents. If you would like to request a know your rights presentation, or if you would like to report ICE activity in your community, please call us at (615) 414.1030.


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How to Report ICE Raids or Arrests | Cómo Reportar una Redada o Arresto de ICE

Legal Screenings

Many undocumented immigrants may have a pathway to apply for permanent residency and not even know it. At our Family Defense Workshops, we work with immigration attorneys to conduct legal screenings to identify potential forms of relief. If you are interested in making an appointment for a legal screening, or getting a referral to a trusted immigration attorney, please call (615) 414.1030.

Document Preparation

As many Tennessee families are living under increased risk of deportation, many wonder what would happen to their children, their homes, or their businesses if they were detained or deported. Through information sessions and at our Family Defense Workshops, we are helping families organize and gather key documents about their children and assets. We are also helping draft plans for custody arrangements and power of attorney. These plans help make sure that children are taken care of and that families can have some peace of mind as we fight to stop deportations.

To make an appointment for a Family Defense Workshop, or to sign up as a legal or community volunteer, please call (615) 414.1030.