We are proud to be part of the Welcoming America network. 

Welcoming America, launched in 2009, is a non-profit, non-partisan organization that supports diverse communities and partners who are leading efforts to make their communities more vibrant places for all. Welcoming communities foster a culture and policy environment that makes it possible for newcomers of all backgrounds to feel valued and to fully participate alongside their neighbors in the social, civic, and economic fabric of their adopted hometowns.

In the 21st century, the strongest communities will be ones where all people can take part in economic, civc, and social life. Welcoming cities and counties show it is possible to go beyond fear and even tolerance for a bright future for all. 



A Welcoming City or County is one that joins Welcoming America and that: 

  • Plans: All relevant sectors, such as government, business, non-profit, and others work together to create a welcoming community climate that supports long-term integration.

  • Commits: Municipalities commit to institutionalize strategies ensuring the ongoing inclusion and long-term economic and social integration of newcomers.

  • Builds Community: Newcomers and long-time residents find common ground and shared leadership.

  • Communities: Messages of unity and shared values permeate the community through the media, through the voices of leaders, and among residents.

  • Sustains: Policies and practices are considered to ensure interactions between new and long-time residents remain positive ones and the community's economic vitality remains strong.

Welcoming Communities in Tennessee

  • Memphis

  • Nashville

  • Chattanooga

  • Knoxville

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