One of the most significant barriers facing millions of immigrants is learning English. For many immigrants and refugees, a compounding barrier to their lack of English proficiency is the gap in digital literacy in our technologically advancing society. TIRRC is participating in a national pilot of the English Innovations (EI) program, in conjunction with six other sites across the U.S., and the goal is for over 1,000 individual learners to participate in courses at sites in six states by 2017.

English Innovations (EI) is a blended social learning model that combines English language learning in a collaborative, supportive classroom environment with online tools. This enables self-paced, independent learning to at least 100 students each year. The expected outcome of our custom curriculum, paired with digital tools and peer support is for students to learn to read, write, and speak English to equip them for school, employment, and a smoother integration experience. Students are given opportunities in the classroom to improve their English through small group activities, classroom discussions and engaging projects. Students also explore their communities further through presentations from community organizations and field trips.

For more information or to enroll upcoming cycles, please call (615) 414.1030.

The English Innovations Approach 

  • Tailored curriculum framework integrates digital literacy skills & language development
  • Blended model offers in-class and self-paced learning through online tools and game-based learning
  • A collaborative classroom environment facilitates cognitive, social, and emotional engagement
  • Tutor-facilitated activities, volunteer involvement, and peer support empowers learners
  • A model grounded in communities, engaging immigrants in advocacy for effective immigrant integration

For more information, to enroll upcoming cycles, or to learn about volunteer opportunities, call (615) 414-1030.