Civic Engagement 

Our work is centered on building the civic engagement and real political power of immigrants and refugees. We believe that every Tennessean - regardless of immigration status - can be powerfully engaged in the civic process. We work to build a culture of civic engagement within new immigrant communities by training leaders, providing political education, and removing structural barriers that make it more difficult for immigrants, refugees, and other communities to engage in the civic and political process.

We engage immigrants and refugees wherever they are on a pipeline of political power and civic engagement. For all immigrants, regardless of status, we train our members to be effective advocates in powerful public policy campaigns. For immigrants who are eligible to naturalize, we encourage and assist immigrants to become citizens. We register naturalized citizens and second-generation immigrants to vote and make sure they turn out to the polls in high numbers during local, state, and federal elections.



Are You Registered to Vote? 

Are you one of the estimated 114,000 naturalized citizens in Tennessee? Are you the child of immigrants and want to use your political power to defend the rights of immigrants? Register to vote! 

The deadline to register to vote is October 9th, 2018! Do you need to register to vote?

You are eligible to vote if you: 

  • Are a United States citizen

  • Will be 18 years old or older on Election Day (November 8th)

  • Have not been convicted of a felony or applied to have your voting rights restored

For more information about your voter registration, political district, and polling locations, click here

For more information about registering to vote or for assistance, call TIRRC at (615) 414.1030




Are you one of the more than 74,000 immigrants in Tennessee who are eligible to naturalize today? Don't wait - naturalize now! Becoming a citizen protects you from deportation, ensures you can travel freely, opens up new opportunities, and gives you the right to vote! For information on how to become a citizen, click here. You can also call (615) 414.1030 to learn more about eligibility requirements, fee waivers, and when we're hosting our next application assistance workshop near you.