TODAY! Make a call for the Dream Act

Last Thursday, two dozen TIRRC youth leaders joined a mass mobilization of more than 1000 undocumented youth and their allies in Washington D.C. for Operation Clean Dream Act Now! We need to keep the pressure on!

Congressional leadership won't commit to passing the Dream Act by the end of the year, but our communities can't wait! 
Already an estimated 8,508 DACA recipients lost their protection from deportation and ability to work since DACA was terminated onSeptember 5th. Every day that Congress fails to act another 122 people a day will lose their work permit and enter the deportation pipeline.

Congress needs to hear loud and clear that we need a clean Dream Act by Christmas! Today is a national call-in day to put pressure on Congress. Can you join thousands across the country in making a phone call to Congress today?

  • Call your representative by dialing 1.888.778.6856 and wait for the "Welcome" message. Follow the instructions. 
  • Call Senator Corker directly by dialing 202.224.3344.

Say, "Tennesseans can't wait! Congress must pass a clean Dream Act by Christmas!"

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