14,000 Nashvillians Can Take This Step

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There are currently more than 14,000 residents in Davidson County who are eligible to apply for citizenship today.

It’s more important than ever for all in Nashville who are eligible, to take this important step and become a US citizen. As a citizen, you can play a powerful role in shaping the future of our city and our country with your voice, your vote, and your participation. Together we can ensure our government represents the incredible diversity of its residents

Mayor David Briley agrees.


Ready to get started? Join TIRRC for a citizenship information session with USCIS on March 28th at 6:00 PM to learn about benefits, eligibility requirements and the process of applying for citizenship. You may qualify for special benefits such as fee waivers and language exception. Click here for more information.

Do you want to help your neighbors complete their citizenship applications? Click here to volunteer with our citizenship programs.



"Tennessee is our home. We are here to stay!"

Yesterday, more than 250 of our members, representing over 20 countries, traveled from communities across the state to attend our Immigrant and Refugee Day on the Hill-- and it was incredible.

Our members courageously shared their stories and spoke out against anti-immigrant legislation with more than 60 lawmakers. It was an amazing display of the power of our movement.

But our fight is not over.

For years, we have been campaigning against anti-immigrant bills at the state legislature. Since our founding, we've defeated nearly 200 pieces of legislation that would harm our communities. This year, freshman Representative Bruce Griffey is taking this anti-immigrant race to the bottom to unconscionable new lows. He has introduced a slate of hateful bills that target the most vulnerable Tennesseans-- babies born to undocumented parents. He wants to deny them prenatal care, deny them birth certificates, and advocate that they be stripped of their citizenship entirely.

Too often our politicians forget that immigrants, refugees, and their children are Tennesseans, too. But yesterday, our community had a message for them - Tennessee is our home and we are here to stay.

Yesterday our members made an impact and we got one step closer to defeating Representative Griffey's bills, but we need your support to keep the pressure on during the rest of the legislative session. Together we'll defeat every single one of his proposals and demand more from our elected officials.



East Tennessee workers are suing the ICE agents that raided their workplace

We wanted to make sure you saw the news -  history was made last week in East Tennessee.   

Workers from the Southeastern Provision meat-processing plant in East Tennessee are suing the ICE agents who violently detained them in a militaristic worksite raid last April. This is the first lawsuit challenging a worksite immigration raid in the Trump administration.


When federal agents stormed into a meat-processing plant in Bean Station, Tennessee on April 5, several workers had guns pointed at them, others were pushed to the ground, and one of the plaintiffs was punched in the face - all while helicopters were circling overhead and the plant was surrounded by agents with automatic weapons drawn.Around 100 workers were rounded up and filed into buses that day; dozens would be shipped off to far away jails and detention centers without the opportunity to say goodbye to their children or spouses. 

Now, seven courageous workers who were detained that day are standing up against this brutal treatment and filing a lawsuit to get justice for themselves and their coworkers. Isabel, Geronimo, Carolina, Luis, Martha, Catarino, and Maria are being represented by our partners at the National Immigration Law Center, the Southern Poverty Law Center, and the law firm of Sherrard, Roe, Voigt, and Harbison. The attorneys filed a class action lawsuit that seeks to represent approximately 100 individuals who were subjected to this violent, militarized worksite immigration raid. Read our joint press release and find a copy of the complaint here.

The complaint from the legal team addresses the brutality the workers faced at the hands of agents that day, but the human costs of this unconscionable abuse of power extend much further. We were in Morristown on the day of the raid, and in the weeks that followed. When a raid of this scale happens in our communities, it's like a bomb goes off. As the tragedy and chaos unfolded on that day, it was a painful reminder of why the government stopped using this egregious enforcement tactic almost a decade before. 

ICE raids cause deep psychological and physical trauma for workers, their families, and their communities. This type of militaristic raid tactic in particular, in which agents use unnecessary force to detain workers at their jobs unexpectedly, leads to serious mental, emotional, and physical health complications that cause suffering for years to come. Today, nearly one year after the raid in Bean Station, this trauma and tragedy continue to unfold.

It seems that the Trump administration is choosing rural communities like Bean Station - places where legal and advocacy services may be scarce - to carry out mass worksite raids and other brutal enforcement tactics in hopes of disappearing people without backlash. They were wrong.

This raid, executed by a federal agency with little accountability, has devastated many families, but the community has come together to pick up the pieces. The physical and mental pain caused by the raid has still not healed in the Morristown area, but this complaint seeks to bring some measure of justice for the workers whose rights were violated and some level of accountability for those who carried out this violent raid. 

We'll keep you updated on this case as it progresses through the courts and with other ways you can stand with the community in East Tennessee as they recover from the raid and fight for their families.

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