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Take Action: Trump Slashes Refugee Resettlement Numbers

Last night, the Trump administration slashed the number of refugees we will welcome to no more than 30,000, the lowest in the history of the program. This immoral decision comes at time when we’re facing unprecedented global displacement - 25.4 million refugees are in need of protection around the world--the highest number in recorded history.  Tens of thousands of lives are at risk and families are waiting to be reunited.

Take Action: Defend Refugee Resettlement

Since his inauguration, Trump has ripped apart the refugee resettlement program piece by piece. This year, he set refugee admission to a historic low of 45,000 arrivals, of which we’ve only resettled 18,327 to date. And, over the summer, he nominated an extreme anti-refugee zealot, Ronald Mortensen, as head of the refugee resettlement program.

Senator Corker can defend refugee resettlement.

Today is World Refugee Day. Each year on June 20th, we celebrate the resilience and contributions of refugees and renew our commitment to provide safe harbor to the millions of people fleeing violence and persecution across the world.