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Congress Failed Us

Last night, Congress voted to deport immigrant youth. The House and Senate have adjourned for the year, after passing a spending deal that didn't include the Dream Act. By failing to include the Dream Act, Congress is allowing thousands of immigrant youth to lose their DACA and become vulnerable to deportation. Each day, 122 DACA recipients lose their protections. Since Trump terminated the program, more than 13,000 of us have lost our DACA.

No Dream. No Deal

We just took over the U.S. capitol. More than 1000 immigrant youth blocked the tunnels between the House and Senate buildings that members of Congress use to get to Capitol. There are just two days left before Congress adjourns for the year and they have one final , "must pass" bill to vote on this week: a spending deal. Our demand is clear: No Dream. No Deal. 

Congress has 2 Weeks to Pass the Dream Act

This is an all hands on deck moment. By next Friday, Congress needs to pass the Dream Act. We've been asking a lot of you lately, but this is a crisis.

Since Trump terminated the DACA program in September, more than 11,700 recipients have lost their protections. Over the next two weeks, another 2,000 young immigrants will lose DACA. We can't wait any longer. 

I Was Arrested for the Dream Act

It's been three months since the president terminated the DACA program. Already more than 11,000 DACA recipients have lost their status, their ability to work, and their protection from deportation. Every day that Congress fails to take action another 122 immigrant youth lose their DACA. This is a crisis.