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Press Play If You Support Immigrant Rights

This time last year, we were processing the results of the election, preparing for the worst, and trying to understand what the election said about our country, our state, and our future. We didn’t know what 2017 would bring, but we knew that we needed to be the strongest we’d ever been and that we’d need you to stand with us - to invest in our work and take bold and transformative action. And so many did.

Can you believe the year we've had?

This time last year, just weeks after the election, we asked you to stand with us and make an investment in TIRRC, knowing that we would need to be the strongest we've ever been for the work ahead. Thousands of you responded to the call throughout 2017 - taking action online, coming to vigils, volunteering, and giving generously. This has been one of the most challenging years we've ever faced, but also one of our most powerful.