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Two Months After the Raid: An Update from Morristown

In a powerful feature story this week, the New York Times recounts in vivid detail how ICE agents stormed into Southeastern Provision, a meat-processing plant in Bean Station, TN on April 5th and arrested 97 workers. It had been more than a decade since our country had experienced a raid of this size.

Read and Share: "ICE Came for a Tennessee Town's Immigrants. The Town Fought Back."

When a raid of this scale happens in our communities, it’s like a bomb goes off. Our team was in Morristown the day of the raid, and for the weeks that followed. As the tragedy and chaos unfolded it was a painful reminder of why our government stopped using this egregious enforcement tactic of mass worksite raids a decade before.

URGENT: Two Ways to Stop Deportations

mmigrant communities are under siege in the era of Trump and mass deportations. It's critical that we stand together to defend our communities and our values. Today we need you to take TWO actions to stop deportations - it will take just a few minutes!