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We Demand a Clean Dream Act

Two weeks ago, in one of his cruelest acts in office, the president terminated the DACA program, jeopardizing the futures of nearly 1 million immigrant youth across the country. The majority of Americans believe that Congress should create a pathway to citizenship for DACA recipients. But instead of passing the Dream Act and restoring protections for immigrant youth so that they can continue to work, study, and live without fear of deportation, Congressional leaders are playing politics.

DACA Will End, But Immigrant Youth are #HereToStay

It happened. The president will end DACA. He announced plans to terminate the popular and successful program, upending the lives of 800,000 young Americans and putting them into the deportation pipeline.

Keep the Pressure on to #DefendDACA

The clock is ticking. President Trump is set to announce his decision on whether or not to terminate the DACA program this Tuesday.

VICTORY! Attorney General Slatery Pulls TN from DACA Lawsuit

Tennessee's Attorney General Herbert Slatery was one of ten attorneys general who sent a letter to the president on June 29th with an ultimatum: end the DACA program or they'd sue. The states gave the president until next Tuesday to terminate the program.