Tonight, WSMV broke a story detailing how Nashville’s probation department has been closely collaborating with ICE agents to arrest and detain individuals who are currently on probation. The report shows that Probation Director Robert Green and members of his staff helped ICE to arrest Nashvillians who were reporting to probation offices, including by alerting ICE agents of their appointments and sharing their home addresses. 

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ICE and our local government agencies are creating a seamless pipeline between our criminal justice system and deportation. Even routine encounters with law enforcement can result in the separation of families when we allow ICE to use our jails, our courtrooms, and our probation departments. This kind of entanglement undermines the mission of these agencies, and the values of our city.

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Today’s news is the latest in a series of events that highlight Metro’s role in immigration enforcement, including how MNPD officers assisted ICE is a highly publicized attempted arrest in Hermitage and the agreement Davidson County Sheriff Daron Hall has with ICE to rent out bed space, making it easier for federal agents to conduct arrests in our communities.

The time for public statements and promises is over. The events of the last two months demonstrate the urgency for clear, transparent policies from our Metro Government that draw a bright line between the work of our municipal agencies and federal immigration enforcement.