A Crisis We Can Solve

Last night, Congress shutdown the government. Congressional leadership chose to listen to the extreme, anti-immigrant fringe in Congress and the White House instead of the majority of the American people. 

BREAKING: Senator Alexander Co-Sponsors DACA Bill

The pressure is working and the momentum is building. Since Trump terminated DACA in September, we’ve been putting non-stop pressure on Senators Alexander and Corker to stand up for the 8,400+ immigrant youth in Tennessee who’ve been protected by the program.

The American People vs Stephen Miller

This. Is. It. 
In 3 days, the Republican-controlled Congress must pass a spending deal to keep the government open. For months, our movement has demanded that protections for immigrant youth be included in this “must pass” bill.

Bottom Line: We Need the Dream Act by Jan. 19

The last 36 hours have been head-spinning. Every time I’ve sat down to write this email, there's a new headline: President Trump called for a “bill of love” for immigrant youth; a California court blocked the termination of DACA; and right-wing Republicans released a new bill that is a complete non-starter intended to sabotage any efforts to protect Dreamers.