After the amazing display of solidarity that took place in Hermitage where neighbors joined together to protect one of their own from deportation, there have been many questions about how communities can keep families safe.

Earlier this summer, over 200 people turned out to learn what Nashville can do to dismantle the deportation pipeline, and on August 27th we'll hold our second forum to discus how cities like Nashville can lead boldly to protect our neighbors, defend our values, and cast a new vision of belonging in our communities. 

Join us on Tuesday, August 27th at 6:00 PM at the Hermitage Public Library to learn more about how ICE co-opts our local government to deport our communities and what we can do to stand up for our values and keep families together. 

This year we released a policy platform, Beyond Welcoming, to serve as a blueprint for how the next government of Nashville can truly protect and invest in immigrant communities. During this forum, we’ll dig into the ways that the city of Nashville can dismantle the deportation pipeline, including the contract that allows ICE to use our local jail to detain our neighbors. 

We have already seen how communities can keep their neighbors safe, but we must ensure our local governments are upholding our values and protecting our communities, not helping the deportation force.