Yesterday, more than 250 of our members, representing over 20 countries, traveled from communities across the state to attend our Immigrant and Refugee Day on the Hill-- and it was incredible.

Our members courageously shared their stories and spoke out against anti-immigrant legislation with more than 60 lawmakers. It was an amazing display of the power of our movement.

But our fight is not over.

For years, we have been campaigning against anti-immigrant bills at the state legislature. Since our founding, we've defeated nearly 200 pieces of legislation that would harm our communities. This year, freshman Representative Bruce Griffey is taking this anti-immigrant race to the bottom to unconscionable new lows. He has introduced a slate of hateful bills that target the most vulnerable Tennesseans-- babies born to undocumented parents. He wants to deny them prenatal care, deny them birth certificates, and advocate that they be stripped of their citizenship entirely.

Too often our politicians forget that immigrants, refugees, and their children are Tennesseans, too. But yesterday, our community had a message for them - Tennessee is our home and we are here to stay.

Yesterday our members made an impact and we got one step closer to defeating Representative Griffey's bills, but we need your support to keep the pressure on during the rest of the legislative session. Together we'll defeat every single one of his proposals and demand more from our elected officials.