Since his inauguration, Trump has ripped apart the refugee resettlement program piece by piece. This year, he set refugee admission to a historic low of 45,000 arrivals, of which we’ve only resettled 18,327 to date. And, over the summer, he nominated an extreme anti-refugee zealot, Ronald Mortensen, as head of the refugee resettlement program.

In the coming weeks, the administration will announce refugee arrival numbers for the coming year, rumored to be a new low of 25,000 or less (read more in the New York Times).

This catastrophic moral failure comes as we face the largest displacement of people in recorded history. Tens of thousands of lives are at risk and families are waiting to be reunited. We must fight to protect refugee resettlement and stop the Trump administration from further decimating our proud legacy of welcoming refugees.

Here are 3 things you can do to defend refugee resettlement today:

  1. Send a messageYour members of Congress need to hear that you support increasing the number of refugee arrivals. Urge them to pressure the administration to raise the refugee ceiling to a minimum of 75,000 arrivals for the next year.
  2. Call Senator Corker: More than 1,300 of you have already sent a message to Senator Corker, Chair of the Nominating Committee, urging him to oppose Mortensen's nomination. As a result of your advocacy, the nomination process has stalled. Will you make a call to ensure Mortensen's nomination is permanently blocked? See the call script below. 
  3. If you are a faith leader add your name to this sign-on letter now. Please share this widely with faith leaders in your networks. 

Thank you for standing up for our values and taking action to defend refugee resettlement!

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