Today is World Refugee Day. Each year on June 20th, we celebrate the resilience and contributions of refugees and renew our commitment to provide safe harbor to the millions of people fleeing violence and persecution across the world.

But as the administration proceeds with unprecedented attacks on refugee resettlement, from halting resettlement as part of his travel ban to slashing the number of refugees resettled to a record low, this year we must do more than celebrate World Refugee Day. We must take action to defend the life-saving work of the resettlement program.

Trump has nominated an extreme, anti-refugee zealot to administer the refugee resettlement program. Tennessee Senator Bob Corker is the chair of the nominating committee. 

Last month, the president nominated anti-immigrant extremist Ronald Mortensen to the position of Assistant Secretary of State for the Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration (PRM), which oversees refugee resettlement in the US and acts as our top diplomat on issues of migration worldwide.

Mortensen is a former fellow at the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS), a known hate group. If confirmed, Mortensen would be able to systematically undermine our global commitment and dismantle the life-saving work of refugee resettlement. He must be stopped. 

Read more about Ronald Mortensen here.

Our Senator, Bob Corker, is the Chair of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee who will oversee Mortensen’s nomination. Join us in urging Senator Corker to do everything in his power to block this dangerous nomination.

Take Action on World Refugee Day: Tell Senator Corker to Block the Nomination of Ronald Mortensen!