Since his inauguration, the Trump administration has been radically transforming our immigration system. Each month brings new aggressive changes in policy and practice dictating who's allowed in and who will be forced out. Each month also brings an escalation in the level of cruelty they'll employ to carry out their agenda. 

This month has shown there is no bottom to their cruelty.

Last week, the Attorney General announced that domestic violence and gang violence victims will generally no longer qualify for asylum, a literal death sentence of tens of thousands of people. This announcement came as our country looked on with horror as stories emerged of our government separating young children from their families, imprisoning parents and shipping their children off to detention camps across the country. From April 19th to May 31st, nearly 2000 children were separated from their parents. 

It's nearly unbearable to watch and impossible to comprehend this humanitarian crisis and American tragedy at our border. But we cannot look away, we cannot let up; people are dying because of the administration's immigration policy. We all must do everything that we can to stop these policies

But those who are in elected office have a special obligation to intervene and to check the powers of the executive branch to carry out such cruelty. So what is Congress doing this week? 

In the House, there will be votes on two immigration measures, both framed as a deal and a "fix" for DACA. Instead of advancing the bipartisan Dream Act to provide real protection for DACA recipients, House leadership caved to extremists and are advancing Trump's anti-immigrant wish list. While some are touting the "compromise" House bill as a way to end family separations - they're lying.

Congress should take meaningful action to restore protections for recipients of DACA and TPS that doesn't harm other immigrants, they should take action to end family separations, and they should defund ICE and CBP, agencies with no oversight or accountability and exorbitant funding to carry out Trump's draconian policies.

Can you take 30 seconds to send a message to your House member and urge them to vote against the immigration bills, to speak out forcefully, and to take real action to stop family separations?

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Can you call Senators Corker and Alexander and tell them to co-sponsor Senator Feinstein's Keep Families Together Act (S.3036)?

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