Just weeks after the Morristown raid, the Tennessee legislature is considering a bill to scale up deportations in Tennessee. We need you to take action to stop HB2315 tonight.

Send a message to members of the Finance Committee and urge them to oppose HB2315 now! 

Since the legislative session began we've been working hard to kill HB2315, a bill that would turn local police into a deportation force. Today, we were successful as the House Finance Committee voted to send the bill to a summer study. This vote would have prevented HB2315 from passing this year and allowed experts to resolve the countless outstanding questions and concerns about the legislation.

After being strong-armed by House leadership, committee members took the rare step of voting to reconsider the bill. Now, HB2315 will be voted on again tomorrow morning, April 24th. Anti-immigrant activists and extremist lawmakers are working hard to pass this bill out of committee, so members need to hear from you! 

HB 2315 would require all of Tennessee's local law enforcement agencies to assist Trump's deportation force and would prohibit common-sense local policies that promote community trust and public safety.

HB2315 is one of the most extreme, anti-immigrant bills in the country. We cannot let this bill become law. Join us in sending a message tonight!