Today, the Tuition Opportunity bill was shelved for the year; we didn't even get a vote. By failing to vote on or advance our bill, legislators have guaranteed that thousands of immigrant students won't enroll in college this fall. Read more about what happened in the Times Free Press.

Since 2012, we’ve been organizing a campaign to allow undocumented youth a fair a shot at college. Immigrant students have reshaped Tennessee politics through our campaign to allow undocumented graduates the opportunity to pay in state tuition at our public colleges and universities.

In the years since we launched the campaign, we’ve mobilized nearly 1000 undocumented youth to advocate for Tuition Opportunity, we’ve been joined in this fight by hundreds of our teachers, and thousands of our friends and community members, chambers of commerce from across the state, and even Governor Haslam. We know that we’re winning. 

But our elected officials continue to prioritize careers over courage, fear over fairness, politics over principle. The failure of Tuition Opportunity comes on the heels of Congress’ failure to provide relief to hundreds of thousands of Dreamers whose lives have been put in limbo since the president terminated DACA.

Days like today, when our elected officials turn their back on us, can be devastating. While they go on with their campaigns, we’ll be breaking the news about today’s vote to thousands of young people, we'll continue to work with our members one-on-one to find some way for them to go to college. We’re going to grieve together today and in the coming days. But, then we’ll get back to work.

These politicians don’t want to give us a chance - don’t want us to live without fear, to have the chance to work or go to school. What they don’t yet understand is that we are here to stay. We’ve been fighting for years, for our futures and our families, and we won’t give up now.

Tennessee is our home and we just want to be recognized as the Tennesseans that we are. We won’t give up on Tuition Opportunity or our futures here, and we hope you won’t either.