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In 2018, our nation watched as families were separated at the border, in homes, at courthouses, on the street, and at work. Increased immigration enforcement has had a chilling effect on our community. Because of the rampant fear of deportation, fewer immigrants are willing to report sexual assault and domestic violence; families are dis-enrolling from critical programs and services for fear of interacting with the government; parents who fear driving are no longer participating in their child's education.

But in the face of such unthinkable brutality and cruelty, our coalition mounted a historic resistance. On the frontlines of this work are thousands of courageous immigrant families who have come together to protect their communities and to defend our shared values.  

This year, we've organized a dedicated grassroots network of community volunteers, faith leaders, pro-bono attorneys, educators, and service providers to protect immigrants from deportation. You've taken action to keep families together by participating in protests, calling elected officials, and going to the polls in record numbers.

With you and our members across the state, we have come together to confront this crisis and work for a new vision of America -- a multicultural democracy where all can thrive and belong. To continue moving this vision forward, we can't let up now. 

In 2019, we will scale up our fight against mass deportations, overturn local policies that make it easier for ICE to tear families apart, and renew a new sense of belonging and protection in our communities. We need you to make these plans a reality.

As 2018 comes to a close, will you make an investment to strengthen our movement to protect immigrant families and defend our values? Without you, this work wouldn't be possible.