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We just took over the U.S. capitol. More than 1000 immigrant youth blocked the tunnels between the House and Senate buildings that members of Congress use to get to Capitol.

There are just two days left before Congress adjourns for the year and they have one final , "must pass" bill to vote on this week: a spending deal. Our demand is clear: No Dream. No Deal. 

We're here in Washington D.C. with immigrant youth from across the country because we understand the urgency of this moment. Since we arrived in Washington D.C. this week to demand action on the Dream Act, nearly 500 DACA recipients have lost their status. If Congress fails to include the Dream Act in the spending deal before they adjourn, the number of immigrant youth who will have lost their DACA will have reached 15,000 by the time they return in January. 

Undocumented youth have taken over D.C. this week with fierce bravery. We've occupied the offices of more than 30 Members of Congress, held actions outside of the capitol, and shut down the tunnel system today.

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Members of Congress say they stand with Dreamers. We need them to show the same kind of courage and resolve that undocumented youth have demonstrated this week. 

We were joined in our actions congressional leaders from across the country like Senators Cory Booker and Elizabeth Warren and Representative Pramila Jayapal, who joined us in saying, "No Dream. No Deal."

Representative Steve Cohen (D-Memphis) is the only member of the Tennessee delegation who has committed to withholding his vote on any budget deal that doesn't include the Dream Act.

Will you join us in taking action today? Please take a few minutes to call Congress at 478-488-8059. You'll be connected to the offices of one of our key national targets.

The 8300+ DACA recipients in Tennessee can't wait. 122 immigrant youth are losing their status each day that  Congress fails to act. Any vote on a spending deal that doesn't include the Dream Act is a vote to deport immigrant youth.