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Last week 97 people were arrested and detained in a meatpacking plant in Bean Station, Tennessee, making this the largest immigration workplace raid in over a decade. Ninety-seven members of our community were arrested and are now facing deportation; 54 of these are currently detained, leaving children without their parents and primary caregivers, spouses without their loved ones, and neighbors missing their neighbors. Thirty-two were released from custody but remain in removal proceedings. Eleven are being held on state and federal charges. 97 families and an entire community are devastated, the latest victims of an unjust immigration system and an agenda of mass deportations and family separation.

The Tennessee Immigrants and Refugee Rights Coalition (TIRRC) is grateful for and deeply moved by the overwhelming support from community members and faith leaders that have worked diligently to support families during this moment. We are now calling on the Louisiana Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Assistant Field Office Director Brian Acuna to release the 54 workers who remain in detention in Louisiana to be returned to their communities while we fight to stop the deportation of all workers arrested.

We can’t allow ICE to continue ripping families apart. Sign this petition and stand with the thousands of people who have been fighting to demand dignity, respect, and protection for immigrants.

We, the undersigned, demand the 54 Tennessee workers who were detained in the April 5th raid be released and reunited with their families. The 97 Tennesseans who were arrested simply for going to work should not be deported and be allowed to resume their lives in their communities.