Become a Member of TIRRC Today! When we organize, we have power!

Members are people who are committed to TIRRC's work and mission, so they join TIRRC and join a committee and give a contribution. When people organize together, they have power to change their world.

Becoming a member is an important step in getting involved.

TIRRC is an immigrant and refugee-led group that empowers New Americans to defend their rights, unite in one voice, and develop as leaders.

As a member, I have the right to:

Make decisions!

  • Elect board members at Annual Membership Convention
  • Decide priorities and campaigns


  • Come to trainings, meetings, and events like New American Day on the Hill, Annual Membership Convention, and Immigrant State Assembly

By contributing today, we create tomorrow. Help TIRRC grow by:

  • Paying membership dues to TIRRC
  • Volunteering your time to the Immigrant Rights movement
  • Recruiting family members and friends to get involved and become members

When you join TIRRC, you join a statewide support system; you join a family. Help fellow members by:

  • Signing petitions, sending letters, and making phone calls to show decision makers how we feel about the way we want our member to be treated
  • Attending vigils and marches
  • Providing referrals in times of crisis
  • Spreading the word about TIRRC!
  • Join local TIRRC committees and become an active TIRRC leader

Members make a contribution when they join TIRRC because:

  • Building a better Tennessee takes time and money.
  • Movements are built over long periods of time, and if we don’t invest in TIRRC, it may not be there for the future.
  • To show we believe in the work and own a part.
  • TIRRC members hold TIRRC accountable because membership is a source of funding.

If not me, then who? If not now, then when? JOIN US!


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