Know Your Rights


 TIRRC’s ‘Know-Your-Rights’ sessions can be provided quickly in response to areas of urgent need.

‘Know-Your-Rights’ sessions provide immigrant communities across Tennessee with urgently needed information in response to the important issues currently facing communities.

Recent increases in anti-immigrant sentiment, anti-immigrant ordinances and legislation, and increased law enforcement attention has caused much uncertainty and confusion within the immigrant community. Many immigrants are unaware of what their rights are, and are unaware when their rights are being violated. Others are aware of violations, but are afraid to confront the perpetrators.

The recent rash of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) raids that have been taking place in across Tennessee, as well as the spread of the 287(g) program – which allows local sheriffs to enforce immigration laws in certain circumstances – has created an urgent need to increase the number and geographic scope of TIRRC’s ‘Know-Your-Rights’ training sessions. Workers and individuals faced with either raids or 287(g) are afraid to go to work, and those who are deported are often cruelly separated from their families. Accordingly, TIRRC has and will continue to hold know your rights training sessions in areas where raids and/or 287(g) policies are taking place.

TIRRC’s ‘Know-Your-Rights’ trainings are designed to:

  • Educate immigrants about their rights if they are approached by law enforcement
  • Focus on worker rights
  • Educate immigrants across the state about the food, medical and income supports to which they are entitled
  • Empower immigrants to stand up for their rights on the job and in their communities, and obtain the benefits to which they are entitled
  • Empower immigrants to become effective participants in the civic process.

TIRRC is also distributing (with the help of member groups) a variety of 'Know-Your-Rights' materials in multiple languages across the state.

If you would like to attend a ‘Know-Your-Rights’ training in your area or learn more about the program, please contact Leticia Alvarez at 615-833-0384 ext.104 or


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Know Your Rights Materials 


Over 3,000 KYR participants 

From March to June of 2009, 3,600 people attended Know Your Rights trainings and received materials in conjunction with Mexican Consular visits. These participants now know what laws affect them as immigrants and what their rights are!