Early Voting July 18th - August 2nd

Early voting has begun! 

Early voting takes place in all Tennessee counties from July 18 - August 2. When you vote early, you beat the long lines on voting day, can choose a day that fits your schedule, and can vote at numerous locations. 

Need to find out when and where early voting takes place in your county? Click here and find your county on the map.

Early voting in Davidson County

Early voting in Knox County

Early voting in Shelby County

Have questions about the election? Call TIRRC's Election hotline at 615.414.1030.

Also, the ballot is very long this year. Make sure to look at a sample ballot before you go to become familiar with the offices and candidates in the election. You can view and download a sample ballot, and take one with you to the polls.

Davidson County sample ballot

 If you have any questions about the ballot or anything regarding the election, call TIRRC's election hotline at 615.414.1030.





TIRRC Electoral Work Featured in Nashville Docujournal

The Moving Picture Boys featured TIRRC in two installments of their Nashville Docujournal. Check out these amazing videos that show how we knocked on doors to educate immigrant voters about the election, and how TIRRC members spent the night of the election making phone calls, watching results, and reflecting on their goals and vision for the next administration. 

Check out the entire Nashville Docujournal series here

Getting Out the Vote:


Election Night:


Civic engagement campaign activates New American voters

In the state with the third fastest-growing immigrant population in the US, and in the region of the country facing the harshest and most persistent attacks on immigrants, our civic engagement work aims to educate and engage New Americans as effective advocates for their own communities. Towards this goal we help aspiring citizens navigate the naturalization process, learn to lobby their elected representatives on the issues that affect their families, and talk to their friends and neighbors about the importance of strong, welcoming and inclusive communities. At the center of our electoral organizing in 2012 was a highly energetic and volunteer-driven campaign that reached a record number of voters and raised the visibility of the New American vote in Tennessee.


To read TIRRC’s statement on the outcome of the elections, click here .

To view photos from TIRRC's civic engagement campaign, click here.


Faces of New American Voters


Meet Drost Kokoye, a New American voter. Drost's family left Kurdistan (northern Iraq) in 1996. She now attends MTSU and is excited to vote for the first time.

"Voting gives me the opportunity to voice what not every immigrant or refugee can yet. It's my chance to choose the people and laws that will allow others to practice this freedom I now have."



Meet Betzabe Vick, a New American voter from Mexico. Betzabe became a citizen through TIRRC's Become a Citizen Now! program and voted for the first time at TIRRC's Get Out the Vote celebration at Coleman Community Center.

Learn about TIRRC's Citizenship Program




Meet Qaali Warsame, a New American voting in her first election. Qaali overcame very difficult circumstances, leaving Somalia in 1993 during a civil war before finally settling in Nashville and earning a nursing degree.

"It's amazing to be in a country where you can vote, where that one vote can make a difference..."

Congratulations Qaali!

Read about New American voters from the Somali community in the Tennessean: