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President Grants Millions of Immigrant Families Relief from Deportation


Thursday, November 20th, 2014
Contact: Eben Cathey 615.775.1069

Tennessee – Tonight, the President announced an historic breakthrough on immigration that provides millions of families with the opportunity to remain in the U.S. without fear of deportation. He announced a new deferred action program for some undocumented parents and reforms to the existing DACA program for Dreamers to include many more people who came to the US before they were 16. The President also announced changes to enforcement policy, family and employment based immigration, and integration policies. 

By changing his policies to stop wasting resources deporting so many of our mothers and fathers, friends and family members, and contributors to our communities, the President has taken a step towards repairing our broken immigration system. President Obama’s announcement is in response to Congressional inaction on immigration reform and years of advocacy by TIRRC members and advocates across the United States urging an end to deportations. Now, millions of families no longer have to live in fear of family separation.  

“I no longer have to fear that I could be torn away from my husband and daughters by deportation each time I drive to work,” said Martha Lugo, a TIRRC member who will be benefit from the policy. “This announcement is an incredible victory for our community, and means that my family can stay together.”

“After I got DACA, I knew the fight wasn’t over because I was constantly afraid that my mom could be deported,” said Diana Montero, member of TIRRC’s youth group JUMP. “Even though my family won't have to worry anymore about being separated by deportations, many families who don't qualify will still live in fear. Just like we didn't give up after DACA, we won't give up now.”

This administrative relief represents a fraction of what is necessary to ensure our immigration system lives up to our values as Americans. Millions of deserving families will not qualify for relief, and temporary relief from deportation is no substitute for a pathway to citizenship. TIRRC members will continue to fight for our entire community and urge Congress and the President to repair our broken immigration system.

“The President has taken a big step forward, but the fight for an immigration system that works is not over,” said Veronica Zavaleta, a long time TIRRC activist made famous for interrupting John Boehner’s breakfast with questions about immigration reform. “Only immigration reform will ensure that my family can stay together.”